what-drugs-no asked:

Do you think it would be okay for me to cosplay as Tank Girl, even though I'm a little pudgy? I plan on losing some weight, but I'm not built very light. I want to do her justice.

It wouldn’t be just ok, it would be great! And if you do I would love to see it, if you want you can submit here :)

Tank girl is a symbol of a strong women and she shouldn’t inspire body shame. Also she have been illustrated by so many artist and look so different in sometimes, that I don’t think your main concern should be her fisical apperance.

At last I want to say that you don’t have to loose weight to do her justice, when you cosplay her you should be more concerned about representing her strength and badass attitude, not her body. You can do a great cosplay no matter how you look.

Now I leave you with some awesome Tank Girl cosplays for you to get inspired!